We provide a two-year warranty from date of purchase through Gilmour Watches. Our warranty is modeled after most manufacturer's warranties and covers the operation of the timepiece itself. If the operation of the timepiece proves to be defective during the warranty period, we will repair or replace the item, at our option.

If I have a problem with my watch how do I get it repaired under your warranty?

Your two year warranty covers any mechanical defects. Please return the item to us for diagnosis and repair. Include a copy of the original invoice (please do not send originals. All correspondence included will be kept on file here at Gilmour Watches), and a letter explaining any issues you are having. As per our warranty terms, include a check or money order in the amount of $8 if in the U.S. (contact us for international shipping rates), for return shipping. Ensure we have your correct phone number in case we need to contact your for any reason.

Send the item to the following address:

Gilmour Watches
Attn: Rohan Gilmour
126 Border Street, Unit 119
Boston, MA 02128

What is not covered?

Our warranty does not cover cosmetic issues, wear and tear, leather, leather-like, resin or rubber straps, crystals, batteries or damage due to misuse or neglect and is void if the watch has been opened or serviced by any other entity. If you exceed the water resistance ratings of the watch, you do not completely screw down and seat the crown prior to using near water, this will void our warranty.